• More than 20 professional mix
  • 10ml Concentrated Flavors
  • Stylish Design
  • Nicotine grades 0 / 2 / 4
  • 30/70 e-liquids collections

Valkiria Premium E-Liquids! Only for Hard Vapers

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Welcome to Valkiria!

More than 15 amazing creations to vape like a pro

About Valkiria

More than 30 ready to vape e-liquids and concentrated flavors, top italian production, 100% Made in Italy in pharma certified enviroment, TPD compliant.

70/30 Top Quality Mix

Each one of our Valkiria eliquids contains up to 8 different natural flavors for a perfect and balanced mix to vape

Concentrated Flavors

20 Concentrated flavors to give each vaper the chance to mix and reproduce his own preferred Valkiria taste or to create new ones

Natural Flavors

We use only certified, top quality and natural flavors. All our products do not contain diacetyl and other elements that may damage vapers healt.

TPD Compliant

For packaging, labels, leaflets, liquids and concentrated flavors we respect all TPD rules and presciptions, to give to shops and vapers the highest security.

What we do

We produce e-liquids and concentrated flavors for electronic cigarettes. We produce a 100% Made in Italy e-liquid, with the highest quality on the market. Passion and care about vaping are both our secrets of success. We research and select only the best flavors to create the final mix to vape.


The selection process is the most important of all the steps we move to create a perfect liquid. We analyze and search hundreds of flavors to find the right note that give us the chance to reach our quality targets


Graphics and styles are both important for us because packaging, leaflets and labels are anyway a part of our the product. We study and design every single particular to share our passion for vaping starting from what you see and not what you taste.


New rules mean bigger efforts and diligence. We already moved all the necessary steps to be inline with the new Tobacco Products Directive. We will be on this market for a long time with a strong project and a lot of new events.

100% Made in Italy

Valkiria is a part of Vaporart company. We produce hundreds of thousands bottles each month in our pharma factory in Lombardia, ISO 9001:2008 certified. All elements used to produce e-liquids or concentrated flavors are pharma grade certified in EU.


Visit our store on www.vaporart.it, read everything about our eliquids and concentrated flavors. If you are a customer or a shop, register to the website to buy Valkiria products. Check it out:

  • North Myth Collection in 15 different mix
  • The new 5 flavors of The Rising Sun Collection
  • Concentrated Flavors in 10ml glass bottles
  • Ready to vape eliquids in 3 different nicotine graduations: 0, 3, 6.
  • 30/70 PG/VG base concept.

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Both 10ml glass bottles for concentrated flavors and 30ml Glass bottles for e-liquids are Child Proof and with Tamper. With no loose at all of liquids, with a thin dropper to fill every kind of atomizer.

10ml Concentrated Flavors

Pure concentrated flavor to give our customers the chance to mix and vape with their own neutral base, or to mix more flavors to obtain their own receipt.

30ml E-Liquids

Professional mix made to obtain round and unusual e-liquid. More than 20 different and excellent flavors

Bar Codes

Bar Codes to simplify storage both for 10ml concentrated flavors and 30ml e-liquids.

TPD Compliants

All our labels and packaging respect new TPD regulamentations to give our consumers and retailers the best in security and healt respect too


E-Liquids Nicotine Grades

Valkiria's e-liquids have a 30/70 professional base, so that we decide to produce them on light nicotine graduations


Because no other e-liquids in Italy has the same quality. Strong tastes, cool appeal, top quality and a large choice.

brochureAvailable for all shops selling our products a wonderful brochure with a full description of each one of our e-liquids and concentrated flavor in catalog. Up to 8 pages to give your customers the way to choose and be informed about every Valkiria’s product.

As one of the Brand of the biggest italian producing company, Valkiria will be always present in main shows and vaping expos in Italy and Europe. Keep informed about all vape expo and shows in Italy and Europe following our blog.

Our Last Works

The Rising Sun Collection is the last work of Valkiria. 5 incredible flavors, never tasted before on the eliquid market

Keep in Touch

Contact us for any informations about Valkiria products

VALKIRIA INFO +393387819740

Vaporart Srl, Via Gabrio Serbelloni, 1, 20122 Milano, Italy